BOOKKEEPING H&H Bookkeeping offers a full range of accounting capabilities to help keep your business running smoothly including Monthly Operating Statements, Bank Reconciliations, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, and General Ledgers. And because we realize that most small businesses cannot afford a full-time accountant but still need the expertise at times - we promise to be there when you need us!

Monthly Operating Statements
Monthly Operating Statements give you a monthly, at-a-glance look at your business so that you can take advantage of opportunities and resolve problems before it’s too late. And should you need it, we also provide one-on-one proactive counsel to help you understand your statements and meet your unique personal and business needs.

Bank Reconciliations
We balance your bank statement(s) every month and advise you of any bank errors or corrections on your part so that you know exactly how much cash is available for spending.

Balance Sheet
Shows bank and/or cash balances, accounts receivable, inventory, fixed assets, taxes owed, loan balances, equity, etc.

Trial Balance
Shows at-a-glance the current month’s debits and credits for balance sheet and operating statement accounts.

General Ledger
Shows a more in-depth look at the current month debits and credits for balance sheet and operating statement accounts.

Sales Tax Reporting
Many industries are responsible for collecting and submitting sales tax. We have the expertise of reporting for all Oklahoma state, city and county sales tax, either in paper form or electronically. We can assist your company in the compilation of information and preparation of sales tax returns in an efficient and timely manner.

IRS Representation
As a valued bookkeeping client we will be available to you in dealing with the IRS and other taxing authorities. We will represent you and assist you in preparing for audits and appeals conferences. We also provide expert counseling on technical tax issues, penalty assessments and negotiations to resolve payment of tax deficiencies.

Outsourced Bookkeeping
In addition to our monthly bookkeeping services, for those who choose to outsource the accounting function of their business, we can provide the following:
  • Bill Paying
  • Invoicing
  • On-line Bank Monitoring
PAYROLL SERVICES H&H Bookkeeping Service provides weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly and after-the-fact payroll for clients who choose to outsource payroll for their business. In addition to payroll processing, we are also happy to calculate and prepare all monthly and quarterly state, federal, and unemployment taxes and reports as well as process year-end W-2 and 1099 forms.

Additional Payroll Services:
  • Vacation/Sick Accrual
  • Job Costing
  • Multi-State Capability
  • Direct Deposit
TAX PREPARATION Federal & state income tax preparation
H&H Bookkeeping Service offers extensive training and expertise in all matters of Federal, state and local tax issues. We constantly monitor the ever-changing tax laws and are available to research and render an opinion when clients are faced with a complicated tax issue.

We are also happy to assist business owners with tax returns so that they can achieve the best possible income tax results when filing individual tax returns.

TAX PLANNING With tax laws changing as frequently as they do, it’s important for businesses and individuals to stay aware and prepared at all times. At H&H Bookkeeping Service, we help you stay on top of the laws through qualified and professional corporation tax, income tax, and capital gains tax information and advice. Our advisors also provide tax planning services to help you minimize your tax liability now and in the future. For instance, did you know the best time to save money on your taxes is four to sixteen months before they are due? Make sure to schedule at least a bi-annul meeting to look at your financial picture so that we can alert you to the areas that need your attention.

Watching your bottom line will often help you improve it.

BUSINESS FORMATION Planning to start a new business? H&H Bookkeeping Service can help facilitate the process by helping you select and structure the most appropriate business entity. Furthermore, our advisors will be happy to provide counsel on related taxation issues, business plans for presentation to banks, and what you should expect when starting up a business.

Why Incorporate?
One thing all tax professionals agree on is – if your business is not incorporated then you are throwing away thousands of dollars in tax savings and deductions. Forming a Corporation can provide liability protection of your personal assets as well as the additional tax savings needed to give you peace of mind and make your business even more successful and profitable.

FINANCIAL CONSULTATION Our most important goal is to assist you and your company in increasing after-tax profitability.
At H&H Bookkeeping Service, we help business owners make the right financial planning decisions by analyzing overall financial and tax situations. The close working relationship we share with our clients gives us a better understanding of their overall financial goals.